Get Involved

Step 1: Get involved with your USAS local!

Students across the country are working to demand that their university apparel be made in sweat-free conditions where there are proper fire and building safety mechanisms, including the active involvement of workers and their unions. Find out if your school already has a USAS local by e-mailing email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Step 2: Find an REI near you.

There are REI stores all over the country, and chances are USAS has been doing actions at one near you. If your school has a USAS Local, ask which one they’ve been frequenting. If not, email email hidden; JavaScript is required to find out which community leaders we’re working with. USAS is partnering with many labor, environmental, cultural and community groups to convince REI drop The North Face, and we can put you in touch with a group to do actions with!

Step 3: Plan your very own action!

We can send you a packet with our favorite chants and ideas, but you should brainstorm some on your own too! A few suggestions:

Creative letter delegations to managers – big props, themes
Petitions from REI members
Street theater

Don’t have a USAS Local at your school? Get in touch to start one up!

Check out our organizing guide to find out how you can start up a group at your school and join in the fight to End Deathtraps today!